Facilitating online communities

“Facilitating online communities” is an online course organised by the Otago Polytechnic in New Zeland. The course started on the 28th July and will be facilitated by Leigh Blackall who will guide the participants along 17 weeks. It can be attended in two different ways, formally and informally. In formal terms this course is rated at level 7 according to the New Zeland Qualification Authority.

I am glad to participate in this course because it means an excellent opportunity to aquire the skills in an area that interests me very much. I would like to get a formal certification for this course but I am not sure if I can cope with it. We will see that later. I hope to aquire the required skills to become an online facilitator and learn a lot more through the interaction with the other participants in the course.

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  1. Malik says:

    Hello Joao!

    I am trying to get through everyone's blogs and leaving a little note. I am excited about this online experience as well. I sure that we will get out of the course what we put into it. I believe that we are on the right path right now in establishing an online community. Looking forward in hearing more from you online!


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  3. derek says:

    [Trying again, that comment seemed to work] – Nothing to do with your post Joao, just saw your comment on Malik's blog, I do hope you get lots done . . . and still have time to smell the roses or the coffee. – Derek

  4. ElaineD says:

    Hi Joao
    First of all thanks for the blog archive for the Facilitating online communities course – a great help to someone like me who is very new to all this but I am enjoying looking at other blogs and how they are put together. Look forward to the rest of the course it certainly will be a learning curve for many of us.

  5. vcautin says:

    Hi Joao!
    Just came here to say hi
    I'm pretty sure we'll learn a lot in this course.

  6. joaoa says:

    Hello Violeta. Nice that you stopped by. Yes, I'm pretty sure, too that we'll learn a lot from this course. Not only about facilitation online but much more than that. The social part, the connections with other people will be a very important issue of this course. I have the feeling that we are starting to have conversations through our blogs. It would be nice if the connetions evolved. That would reinforce the learning curve a lot.

  7. leighblackall says:

    Hello Joao, thanks for all your help in getting the blogging connections happening. You seem to be coping very well with the course, I hope we can keep you interested and with us. Do let me know if there is anything I can help you with in terms of formal accreditation at any point

  8. joaoa says:

    Hello Leigh,

    Thank you for your kind words and your availability to help whenever it's necessary.

    I'll be away for a few days holiday and thus only sporadically online.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Dear Joaoa,

    I´m so glad we are doing this course together. Yesterday I arrived from Japan after attending WorldCall an amazing experience.
    I hope you are enjoying your holidays and we´ll learn a lot together.
    Warm regards

  10. Jan Hunter says:

    Hi Jaoa
    Am really looking forward to learning from you. Thanks for all your help so far.


  11. SarahStewart says:

    I'm a little late off the mark, but now I have found your netvibes resource. Thank you so much for that – it certainly makes things a lot easier to manage. cheers Sarah

  12. joaoa says:

    Hi Sarah,
    You're welcome! Feel free to use it as you wish. It's not mine, it's ours. I still need to update it with some of the latest comers. I'll include your blog too, of course. If you wish to have the OPML file, just let me know.

  13. stevemac121 says:

    Hi Joao,

    just to let you know i made it to scrybe – thanks for the invite. Have only recently started thinking about the connectivism course. it seems a little bit disconnected at the moment :-) – with everyone blogging everywhere (but it is interesting, i am thinking of solutions already). i like the connectivista groups idea, there does not appear to be an english version.

    caio, for now joao :-)

    i;m think a pageflakes interface as my main co-ordinating

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