This has been a very busy week. I hardly had time to do my assignments for the sessions I am participating in. I just managed to read the dozens of emails that I get everyday. At the moment, work at school is taking much of my time. I hope that I can catch up this weekend.

Today I started using Twitter after reading a post in the SMiELT forum about microblogging. This is a post that I had already read on the Wiki page about microblogging but at that time I hadn’t clicked on the links there. This time, as I came across the same text on the forum, I clicked on the links and saw the video about Twitter which showed me how and why I should use it. Twitter can be funny since it’s a different way to keep you in touch with people either you already know from other places on the Web or to make new contacts. The fact that you need just a few words to say what you are doing makes it easy to use and not time consuming. Snitter is a nifty application that makes the use of Twitter even easier. Without Snitter Twitter wouldn’t be as easy to use as it is. Being able to get the messages on your mobile phone makes it even more interesting. Now I still need to find out how it can be used in connection with my blog.

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  1. Joao,

    Do you think you could use Twitter with your students? Would you consider it to be useful for professional development? How constraining is the limit in characters for your self-expression, and is it important given that we are talking about microblogging?

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  3. Peter Efland says:

    Hi Joao,

    I’ve just joined the course “Facilitating online communities” yesterday, so am also a bit overwhelmed with everything today. Anyway, have been looking around the forum there, and thought I would grap hold of a few people (I haven’t yet been gotten the approval status at the forum, as I just signed up).

    Well, hope to chat with you about the course. My name is Peter Efland, I am the executive secretary at the Danish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    You’re welcome to contact me @
    twitter: phefland
    skype: peter_efland
    facebook: Peter Efland

    Weird enough, for someone who is a wide user of social media, I have never had a blog. I have therefore just set up a blog for “facilitating online communities” at
    The blog is still empty however.

    Well just thought I would introduce myself. Hope to hear from you, and enjoy the course.

    by the way: the reason I wrote here, was that I was looking for twitter addresses to contact people.

  4. I love to use Twitter whenever i want to know the latest buzz about my friends. I also use Twitter to know the latest buzz from famous persons .

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